Morwenna Shipping company -

Specializes in technical fleet and arranges transportation of outsized objects, large-capacity cargoes by waterways and provides the whole range of services related to the performance of these works.

Who we are:

Our main business is supplying and operating AHT, AHTS, tugs and barges in the Caspian Sea and arranging contracts to move oversized project shipments to and from various ports in Northern Europe, Russia and the Caspian Sea. The company also supplies barges in the Black and Mediterranean Sea’s..


Компания является собственником технического,
барже-буксирного флота и транспортно-буксирных судов.
  • Towing of «Ural River» dredger

    Towing of «Ural River» dredger by «OTA-903» and «Geroy Igor Aseev» tugs along the route Bautino – Astrakhan – Volgograd – Azov – Constanța

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  • Towing of KMG-107 barge with oversized cargo

    Towing of «KMG-107» barge with oversized cargo by OT-2400 and MB tugs from Constantsia to Azov and back.

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  • Transportation of oversized cargo for Rosneft

    Transportation of oversized cargo for Rosneft by Morwenna-1, Morwenna-2501, Silver-3002 barges from Constanta to Samara.

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  • Towing of pontoons by BTOand OT-2000tugs

    Towing of pontoons by BTOand OT-2000tugs from St. Petersburg to Bautino (Kazakhstan), through inland waterways of the Russian Federation to the Caspian Sea.

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20+ Years of experience in heavy-lift & oversized cargo shipment
25+ Units of fleet owned
5 Branches
1Mil+ Tons of oversized cargo transportation in 2017
4 New vessels built
in 2017
600+ Crew members
Oversized cargo transportation projects successfully completed
7+ Long-term oil/gas exploration and production projects on the Caspian shelf

Transportations of oversized & project cargo across
Northern Europe, RIWS and 4 Seas

Azov sea Caspian sea Baltic sea Black sea
Saint-Petersburg Moscow Astrakhan Aktau

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