M/V Kagul completely repaired and prepared for voyage

On July 8, 2020 m/v KAGUL (MB (sea tug), project 07521) sailed out for the sea trials after a complex repair. After testing towing performance characteristics and receiving Classification Documents, the vessel will prepare for its first sailing direction.

The repair work was carried out by Kranservis Company in Astrakhan. The repair work included the ship class upgrading to R2-RSN, significant hull work with replacement of metal elements, overhaul of ship equipment and machinery: replacement of auxiliary diesel generators, upgrading of main switchboard to allow power supply to external consumers (enabling operation of ballast systems on barges used by Morwenna Shipping Company), installation of modern navigation bridge equipment (equipment and work delivered by Transas Company), complete interior renovation of superstructure which improved the crew living conditions. Reinforced ice-resistant coating was applied to the underwater part to ensure reliable hull protection during winter operation in accordance with ice specifications of the vessel.

Before sea trials, the vessel blessing ceremony was held.

As we approach the Navy Day, the commissioned ship bears the name of cruiser named in honor of the Russian army victory on the Kagul River, which survived three Russian revolutions, took part in the Civil War, World War I and Great Patriotic War, destroyed many strategic enemy sites, provided mine defense, and was responsible for gunfire support of the armed forces.

With pride and reverence our fleet bears such famous and important names. We remember and preserve the history of our Country!
Hope to see you on the blue arterials of Russia!

See or download the memorial board dedicated to Kagul created by us: Memorial board dedicated to Kagul

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