Testing of the upgraded electric power plant (pusher tug “BOGATYR”)

On the 23 of March, 2019 our company successfully tested the upgraded electric power plant on the pusher tug “BOGATYR” (project Н3291).

Under the supervision of Russian River Register  and in accordance with the test program, modes of separate delivery of 150 kW of each of the diesel generators were fixed, as well as 225 kW with the joint parallel operation of the ADG.

The purpose of modernization is to improve the characteristics of the ship’s power plant, to create the possibility of parallel operation of ship’s DG for the issuance of power to external consumers and the most efficient and safe use of ballast barge systems used by Morwenna Shipping company LTD for the transportation of large cargoes.
The program of modernization of ship power plants includes several vessels of projects Н3290/3291 which form the basis of the Company’s fleet and are owned by our company.

One of the global goals of the Shipping company “Morvenna” is to improve the technical and commercial efficiency of the fleet for meeting Customer needs and the needs of the oversized cargo transportation market.

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