Fire on the Kanonersky Shiprepairing Yard

On the 15th of April, 2019, 07:30 MSK (UTC+4) on the Kanonersky shiprepairing yard in St. Petersburg (wharf #4, coastal zone) warehouse ignition is occurred.

Crews of Morwenna Shipping company’s vessels (VITYAZ, PALLADA, NAVARIN, OT-2080) are immediately reported to the KSRP dispatcher then performed the fire suppression. Our crews were on standby and ready to fire-fighting.

The crew of Tug Boat «VITYAZ» assisted the efforts to fight the fires with fixed foam extinguishing unit, other vessels of Morwenna Shipping company following the evaluation and after coastal Fire Brigade arriving declared cancellation of preparedness to extinguish a fire. The fire equipment has been decomposed into regular places. There are no casualties, no property damages. Vessels are in normal operation.


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