Morwenna Shipping Company in 2023: Year Results

Morwenna shipping company in 2023 completed over 80 projects for Russian and foreign clients. The company expanded its fleet under the Russian flag, continued to expand its own fleet, entered new regions in the international market.


The company’s activities extended to the Indian region, where the tugs Trewenna and Wenna, being under the Russian flag, completed geological surveys in the Cambay Gulf, exploring oil and gas reserves.


Besides the southern latitudes, Morwenna continued to develop in the Northern Sea Route, participating in the dredging project in the Ob Bay with Chinese dredgers. For other Arctic operations Morwenna-3601 and Morwenna-3603 barges were mobilized, overall at the moment there are 16 fleet units in the northern region.


Over the past year, 8 Morwenna’s tugs and barges completed dozens of voyages transporting crushed stone. The barges were modernized before working in this new direction. The carrying capacity and maneuverability were increased, the adhesion to tugs was also improved.


At the end of 2023, the company acquired four new barges of the 03060 project, mobilized to the Caspian Sea in the new year. These barges can transport heavy and oversized cargoes, as well as general and inert materials.


In 2024, Morvenna will persist in long-term projects, including the reconstruction of the Gorodetsky hydrosystems, where barges Silver-3006 and Silver-3007 are currently operational. The company is also planning to expand its tug fleet, participate in large scale projects, continue development in new areas.


Alexander Nikolaevich Baranov, the founder of Morvenna, shared more details about the company’s achievements and development plans in a special project by the media group “PortNews”.


Explore the company’s highlights from the past year in a dedicated section on our website.

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