The support vessel BUMI POKACHI has received an additional Class notation – PMS

The support vessel BUMI POKACHI, which is under the technical management of Morwenna Shipping Company Ltd since 2016, has received an additional Class notation – PMS (Planned Maintenance Scheme for Machinery) according to the results of the survey of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS, Register).

As part of obtaining an additional symbol to the class notion, took place a development of a Scheme of Planned Preventive maintenance (SPPT) of the machinery of the BUMI POKACHI. The vessel has been inspected according to the scope of clause of Part II of the Rules of Classification Surveys of Vessels in Operation. The result of the survey was the assignment of an additional sign of the Register class symbol – PMS in accordance with paragraph 2.2.30 of Part I of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Naval Vessels.
Today Morwenna Shipping Company Ltd has an approved SPPT for the BUMI NARYAN-MAR support vessel and now is coordinating with Register the SPPT for the BUMI URAY vessel. Both vessels will be submitted to the RS inspection to receive an additional PMS Class notation.

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