Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains the purposes of getting and ways of using information provided by the Morwenna Shipping Company. Necessary data are generated by website and are regulated by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The necessity of collecting information is dictated by Company professional occupation, desire to provide qualitative services which meet our clients and partners’ needs.

§1 General data collection rules

All information content is voluntarily given by users of the website. The source allows further processing, structuring, archiving, using with the purposes provided by the Policy and inner rules of the Morwenna Shipping Company. All actions should not contradict Russian Federation law and International law.

Users undertake to give only reliable information. In case of using other’s confidential requisites, it is necessary to carry the consent of the right-holder to sending. Such categories are: first name, surname, patronymic, location (permanent residence address), contact information and digital communication, personal data referred to the subject of joint efforts.

§2 The purpose of getting confidential information

Such cases when a user needs to fill in a form with personal or commercial data are happened only by request of the website visitors to enter into cooperation or continue it.

  • To draw up a work execution application.
  • To request price or other information.
  • To organize advertising newsletter with current (forward-looking) commercial cases, special offers, privileged programs.
  • During website owner’s organization of survey about quality of service, relevance of services etc.
  • For support and processing of users’ requests.
  • With the purpose of prevention of fraudulent actions from the direction of third persons.
  • For access permission reinstatement to ordering information.
  • To fill in an application form according to the staff list of the Morwenna Shipping Company.
  • Other cases which result from individual needs to execute further actions.

§3 Storage, update and removal of data

The Morwenna Shipping Company allows the possibility of updating (removal) given information by request of a user who gave it. Everyone has the right to change any part of data, correct them and revoke permission to storage and processing that was given earlier.

To fulfill necessary actions users should inform the Morwenna Company leadership about a decision with the help of e-mail to, through a request form on or by sending an official letter with letterhead to address: office №20018, Golovinskoe shosse 5, business center «Vodny», Moscow, 125212, Russia. Oral requests are not a reason to change (remove) confidential information.

In case of disagreement to receive newsletters (documents), an addressee can unsubscribe at the bottom of every page. There is no need to request personally.

Personal data can be given to the third party only with the provider’s consent to do it. In such a case, the Morwenna Shipping Company disclaims responsibility for storage, update and removal confidential data by the third party.

According to inner regulations the Morwenna Shipping Company stores given information no more than 5 years from the date of last actions did by the party which is interested in cooperation.

Personal data can be withdrawn and (or) given to the third parties on the basis of a court decision of any instance or by request of other legally authorized organization.

§4 Technical means of data collection

While User’s visiting the website, the programs which control traffic and search engine analytic platforms record all actions. They are time and duration of visit, a page from which a user has linked, thematic queries, IP-addresses, OS and software. Individual settings of collected information are changed depending on a strategy applied at that time.

Recorded information does not allow identifying a person but is directed only to collect statistics of corporate website working.

§5 Children’s information

The Morwenna Shipping Company does not process, store and promote confidential data given by people under the age of 18 (except for the cases when parents, legal guardians or other representatives gave their authenticated consent).

The Company does not check information and considers it to be right until getting contradictious information. In order to remove illegally dissemination of data, users must make a request to administration of the Morwenna Shipping Company personally, using addresses given in §3.

§6 Cookies-files

The Morwenna Shipping Company has integrated a legal program tool which contains fragmentary record about a current user for improving display of content and comfort viewing the website. This information is stored on a user’s computer and is transmitted to web-server together with an address query. Cookies help to authenticate visits, set view parameters, track condition of current session, generate statistics.

Every user is able to stop system file transferring on browser without assistance by prohibition for software to do it. In such a case, there is no guarantee that the website will be working consistently as well as its proper visualization or integrated functions correctness.

§7 Security

Safety of information given to the Morwenna Shipping Company through the website is guaranteed by strict keeping unti-attacking measures which intend to counteract theft, unfair spread, unauthorized using or changing of any kind of confidential information.

If happens, website administration takes measures for removal of information leakage.

Users also are obliged to keep secret of all data which are related to bipartite communication such as logins, passwords, e-mail addresses. In case of loss, malefactors are able not only to steal personal data but do harm to the third persons.

§8 Third-party sites

The corporate website has work relationships with other websites on the Internet, including Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, contextual and banner services, other service and resource providers. All of them collect permitted information legally without participation of the Morwenna online platform. Users can forbid these actions without assistance by changing settings on a browser or using lockers (programs). The website administration does not take part in third-party sites operating and does not take responsibility for transmitted data.

The linked sites have another Privacy Policy and it means that users cannot apply this Privacy Policy after clicking through links on

§9 Changes to our Privacy Policy

The Morwenna Shipping Company reserves the right to change this document unilaterally and is under an obligation to inform about it on appropriate page of Newsletters or other methods of notification are not provided. Users must get to know new Privacy Policy by themselves and decide to continue storing personal data if it is necessary.

§10 Other terms and contact

All contact forms located on appropriate section on ( are used for communication with website administration.

In case of entirely or partially disagreement with the Privacy Police, a user shouldn’t give personal or commercial information through, trust its services and other functional possibilities.

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