Delivery of 40+ Heavy lift and OOG modules


  • Delivery of 40+ Heavy lift and OOG modules;
  • Route: from Finland, Bulgaria and Italy to Kazakhstan (Caspian Sea);
  • Period: 2018- 2020 г;


Project achievements & solutions:

  • Individual dimensions of each module with special requirements for the supporting parts arrangements and cargo securing;
  • In some cases, units of cargo exceeded the permissible norms of passage through RIWS due to the outsized dimensions;
  • Total quantity of transported modules;
  • Blocks loading/unloading technology (Ro/Ro method);
  • Maximum height of cargo units (limited visibility for the tug during pushing);
  • Upgrade and modernization of the company’s barges in accordance with cargo properties;
  • For transportation of FOOD Modules which exceeds authorized dimensions allowed on Russian Inland Waterways, we designed special towage solutions with the route features/ typical navigation patterns & typical towing arrangements;