Transportation of T-2050 and PK-431 cranes


  • From: Ust-Izhora;
  • Where: the village of Kirovsk;
  • Year – 2022;


{:ru}Перевозка кранов Т-2050 и ПК-431{:}{:en}Transportation of T-2050 and PK-431 cranes{:}
Transportation of T-2050 and PK-431 cranes

Project achievements & solutions:

  • Task: rearrange 2 cranes: T-2050 and PK-431.
  • It was necessary to cope with the task as quickly as possible, so we tried very hard … and managed in 12 hours!
  • What was the peculiarity: that at first it was necessary to withdraw one PC, anchor it, bring in the second PC, put it in place of the first one. And then put the first PC in third place.
  • The crew of OT-2437 did a great job! And most importantly – very quickly.