Seismic Exploration in India



  • Location: Gulf of Cambay (India);
  • Route: Sabbeta – Astrakhan – Arabian Sea – Mumbai – Gulf of Cambay (India) – Temryuk;
  • Duration: August 2022 – June 2023;
  • Objectives: geological exploration for oil and gas reserves assessment.


Seismic Exploration in India
Seismic Exploration in India
Seismic Exploration in India


  • Before the start of the project, the vessels were technically refurbished with geological exploration equipment. The design was carried out by the “Compass” engineering bureau. Equipmenting procedures were done by the technical base “Kranservis” (the companies are part of the Morwenna Group of Companies).
  • 40 sailors from Morwenna Shipping Company and more than 20 specialists from the oil and gas industry of Russia and India were involved.
  • The natural features of the Gulf of Cambay meant working in shallow water conditions, with currents up to 10 knots, and tides up to 10 m. It caused no diffuculties for the Morwenna team, which had previously participated in geological exploration work, (e.g. Northern Sea Route).
  • The problem of water turbidity was solved by frequent cleaning of the deadwood cooling system. The dirty air forced the engine room filters to be cleaned every day (instead of once every two weeks).
  • Difficulties with organizing the handling of ships, the delivery of fresh water, and the delivery of food on board were resolved as usual without interfering with work.
  • New experience of working in unique hydrographic conditions will allow Morwenna to continue participation in similar projects in Russia, the UAE, India and other countries.