Towage of pipelayer dredger Castoro-12


  • The complex towage services of pipelayer dredger divided along Central Line. Delivery from the Caspian Sea to the Aegean Sea via RIWS of shipping locks
  • Country – Russia;
  • Year – 2020;


Towage of pipelayer dredger Castoro-12
Towage of pipelayer dredger Castoro-12

Project achievements & solutions:

  • Towage services (Morwenna tugs as supporting vessels for final delivery/handover of C12 at delivery place Lemnos Aegean Sea and Morwenna consulting services regarding C12 PSP+SSP convoy tows positioning and loading 2 x C12 halves on deck of semi-submersible ship COSCO «KSK» at open sea, also consulting for disconnection and removing of all towage gears / long length bridles’ sets / towing lines both halves on crossing both tows the line «open sea – deck of «KSK»
  • Object towage with a high risk of leaking as one board was open. Despite the board was converted, there were great risks for the pontoon’s utilities
    The unique operation due to the need to split the tow in 2 floating sections to allow safe passage via restricted areas of rivers and
    canals of RIWS
  • Works in inclement weather conditions and time limits